Success Coacing In Your Life Training Seminar


Are you ready for permanent changes in your life? Are you looking for answers that can help propel you into a stronger future and find success in your endeavors? This training has been specifically designed as a personal and professional development template of those seven areas in life that require very specific attention if we are to live happy, joyous lives. This eight week (2 hour) course deals with the framework for understanding the seven areas of successful living guidelines. Participants will learn to identify the essential elements in the areas of Education, Health, Relationships, Career, Family relationships, Spirituality, and Financial empowerment. Emphasis is placed on understanding and developing the skills necessary to work each of these areas effectively in one’s life. Setting goals and meeting those goals is not always easy. The goal of this class is to provide you with the tools necessary to evaluate where each participant is in these areas. The evaluation will include specific exercises that will help to determine the level of comfort each individual feels within each of these areas and to decide what if any changes may need to take place. Each week one of the areas will be discussed in detail.

The class breakdown is as follows:

Week 1 Introduction to the Seven Areas
Week 2 Financial Success
Week 3 Educational Success
Week 4 Health and Nutritional Success
Week 5 Social/Interpersonal and Relationship Success
Week 6 Career/Work Success
Week 7 Family Success
Week 8 Spiritual Success

At course completion, a certificate of completion will be provided along with a copy for your records. The certificate can also be sent by email to the party (if applicable) that has required you complete this training seminar.

Tips for Class

  • Arrive on time
  • Bring your willingness to learn
  • Have a positive outlook and be prepared to attend all the sessions
  • Bring a pen, something to write on

Course Registration

To register for the seminar please contact:

MediFlex Care at (915) 881-4710
Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

*Please have your case number available if applicable. Course fees can be obtained over the phone by calling (915) 881-4710.
Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, credit, or debit card. Payment is due no later than the day of the seminar.


(915) 881-4710


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Socorro, TX 79927

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