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You have likely found this course because of a state court-ordered requirement to complete a Parenting Course. This course has been designed to meet all state requirements as defined by law and has been specifically designed to follow the Domestic Relations Office curriculum the courts are looking for.

The Co-Parenting Course is a community based instruction for Parents looking to meet the court-ordered parenting class requirement in the state of Texas who are seeking a divorce according to Texas Family Code 105.009. Our parenting class has been approved and is the same curriculum taught by the El Paso County Domestic Relations Office and the certificate is recognized by the courts. The series of classes are available in both English and Spanish. These classes allow for “give and take” discussions and activities so the material is internalized and practiced in the home.

The Course provides the content intended to meet court, legal, or employer requirements. It also assists parents who need the tools necessary for personal and family relationship growth.

We believe in the quality of our program and guarantee that our certificate of completion will be accepted or your money back. Course prices include enrollment verification letter and certificate of completion. We do not charge additional fees for providing these documents.

The course has been designed to cover very specific issues that both parents face during a divorce or separation. The Co-Parenting Course instruction is done in a classroom setting for face to face discussions. It allows for comments and discussion of areas that may be difficult to role model. This 9-hour educational series helps parents reduce family conflict focusing on the needs of children and parents in the aftermath of separation or divorce. The class hours must be completed for a certificate of completion to be provided. The curriculum addresses seven separate sections which include the following topics:

  • Section One: Understanding your rights and obligations as parents under Texas Public Policy
  • Section Two: Positive Co-Parenting Practices
  • Section Three: Child Development
  • Section Four: Communication Styles with children and the other parent
  • Section Five: Grief experienced by parents and children
  • Section Six: Conflict Resolution: Communication and Problem Solving
  • Section Seven: Anger Management

At course completion, a certificate of completion will be provided to you along with a copy for your records. The certificate can also be sent by email to the party that has required that you complete this Co-Parenting Class and the Domestic Relations Office so they can file it with your court record. We guarantee that the certificate of completion will be accepted. If, for any reason, the certificate is not accepted, we will provide a full refund.

Course Registration

To register for the seminar please contact:

MediFlex Care at (915) 881-4710
Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

*Please have your case number available if applicable. Course fees can be obtained over the phone by calling (915) 881-4710.
Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, credit, or debit card. Payment is due no later than the day of the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right class if I am going through a divorce and need to take a parenting class before it is final?

Yes, when children are involved parents may be asked by the courts to take a class that helps them address what impact divorce will have on the children.

Is this the right class to take if we were never married but when we went to court about the kids, we were told we had to take a class?

Yes, the courts may ask that both parents complete a parenting class that deals with the separation and the consequences of that separation on the children. This class deals with the issues these families face and it applies to all parents, married or not.

How will the court know that I have completed the course?

You will be provided with an Original certificate and letter along with a copy of this letter and certificate for your records. You can submit the documents to your attorney or provide it to the individual’s you were directed to. In addition, we forward a copy of the certificate to the Domestic Relations Office so they can place it into your court documents for the judge to review.

When will I receive the certificate?

Upon completing the course, you will receive the signed certificate along with a letter that provides a breakdown of the items covered. In addition to the original you will receive a copy of the documents.

If the court has not heard of MediFlex Care, can they or my attorney call you with their questions?

Yes, we are available for any questions at (915) 881-4710. We will be happy to provide information regarding the curriculum to those who have any questions.

Is the certificate I receive accepted in the courts?

Yes, the Co-Parenting course is accepted by the courts. We are an approved provider and prove the 9 hour class that meets the requirement of training. If you have any specific concerns about your specific case, we recommend that you ask your attorney (if you have one) or the court you are dealing with.

Do I have to take a test at the end of the class?

No, there are no tests at the end of the class. There are, however, exercises we will complete during the class to ensure that the material is understood and the skill has been obtained.

How long is the class?

The class is a 9-hour class that focuses on essential material necessary for you to have a more workable relationship with the other parent and reduce family conflict. Two options are available, 2-day classes of 4 and a half hour class focusing on the needs of the children and the parents in the aftermath of separation or divorce. Participants must attend both classes during the same month to meet the court requirement. The second option is a full day class taught once a week.

Are there any additional fees for this class?

No, there are no additional fees for the class. The price includes the class, the certificate, and letter as well as the additional copy of both. It also includes our sending the certificate to the Domestic Relations Office so that it may be included in your court records.

Am I being told I am a bad parent because I have been asked to take these classes?

There are many reasons that individuals may be encouraged to take the Co-Parenting classes. But as the name of the class states, it is a class that helps both parents deal with the goal of “raising strong, caring, contributing, responsible adults who are both physically and emotionally healthy.” The class provides some tools and ideas to make this goal happen and as a result, reduce family conflict.

Who should take the course?

Any individual who is undergoing a divorce or a separation, and has been asked by a court to take Parenting classes should take the Co-Parenting Class. In addition, any individual who is currently having problems communicating or dealing with the sharing of responsibilities should take the class to enable themselves to improve their skills as parents.

Who is the Co-Parenting class for?

The Co-Parenting class is specifically for those individuals who have been asked by a court to take parenting classes. Under the Texas Family Code, there are many rights and obligations parents may not be aware of when dealing with separating and divorce. Being aware of how a divorce and/or a separation impacts children is important during this process.

Where do I make the payment to?

The payment of $50.00 for the Cooperative Parenting Classes can be Mailed to MediFlex Care at 606 Delhi Drive Socorro, Texas 79927. Be sure to include the case number in the memo.

What is the cost of the class?

The Cost of the Co-Parenting class is $50 with no hidden fees, and includes both the enrollment verification letter, and the course curriculum as well as the certificate confirming completion of the class.

How do I register for the Co-Parenting Class?

Contact MediFlex Care at (915) 881-8110 to register for the Co-Parenting Class.

Is this the right class if we are only modifying the visitation orders?

Yes, Parents who are making any changes to the visitation orders, child support orders or are just starting the process of seeking custody can benefit from these Co-Parenting classes. The subjects help both parents to have the tools needed to deal with these difficult times.

Can I take this class if I am just considering a separation or a divorce? I haven’t decided.

Yes, the material covered in the Co-Parenting class and others offered at MediFlex Care are designed to assist parents to have a better working relationship with the other parent and to build healthy relationships with their children.

What do I bring to the class?

Bring with you your class referral and your willingness to learn. Have a positive outlook and be prepared to attend all the sessions. You must be on time and be present for the time allotted. Bring a pen, something to write on and your Cause Number provided by the court.

Can I bring my children if I have no babysitting available?

No, please make arrangements for your children’s safety. Children are not permitted to attend as the material covered is of an adult nature and your attention to these issues is necessary.


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